Search Engine Optimisation for the Construction Industry 

Helping your business get noticed on Google and other Search Engines 

What is Search Engine Optimisation? 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising web content to increase a website's visibility in search engine results,  
SEO is a complex and ever-changing field, which is why we make it our mission to keep up to date with the changes, so we can help our clients websites rank higher in search engine results for relevant words and phrases. 

Three types of SEO 

SEO can be broken down into three types of SEO: Technical SEO, On-site SEO, and Off-site SEO 

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO involves making sure the technical aspects of a website are optimised for optimal search engine performance and user experience. This includes making sure images are properly compressed and page loading speeds are at an acceptable rate and ensuring that coding best practices are being followed. All these elements work together to ensure that search engines can accurately identify your website and show it in the results when users perform searches for the products and services you offer. 

On-site SEO 

On-site SEO focuses on optimising content on the website so that it is more useful to both end users and search engines. 
This involves making sure the right keywords and meta descriptions appear exactly when they should, updating or adding titles or headings, and providing more relevant information on specific topics or services related to what the website offers. 

Off-site SEO 

Off-site SEO involves establishing a brand presence elsewhere, such as on social media platforms, and obtaining links from other websites. Through this activity, you demonstrate your expertise and authority in your field and build trustworthiness in potential customers, leading to increased search engine visibility and rankings. 
As well as helping to boost search rankings, these activities will benefit your website visitors by providing them with better information, thus improving their overall experience while browsing your website. 

How we can help your construction industry business get found on search engines 

Our SEO services include: 
Carrying out a technical audit on your website and making recommendations for any changes to be made to your site. 
Keyword research and competitor research to identify the most beneficial keywords for your business. 
Creating a content schedule built around the keywords identified in the keyword research. 
For each keyword, writing clear, concise content tailored to your audience. 
Adding the content to your site, either as web pages or blog posts, and include the relevant keywords in the titles, headings, and meta descriptions. 
We can also seek backlinks from relevant websites and promote the pages/blog posts on social media platforms and via email campaigns. 

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Does your construction industry business need help getting noticed ahead of your competitors? 

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